Kire Godal Mask Ceremony DRC
Kire Godal Films - Ivory Wars Animal Planet.
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Kire Godal - Action Mode
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Kire Godal Films - Cooking with Minjiba
Kire Godal Films - Sharing daily rushes with Salei Maasai in production tent
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Kire Godal Films - Shooting at the temple and caves-imp
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Director / Writer / Camera / Editor / Producer

Based in Kenya, Kire Godal creates global award winning films, content & series on people, places & wildlife for Nat Geo Wild / National Geographic / Discovery / The Africa Channel / BBC / Amazon Prime / UN / & Ethnographic Museum Installations.

Born in Aspen, Colorado, to Norwegian parents, she grew up on horse back and on skis exploring the mountains with her brothers. This developed a life long appreciation of the natural world and an adventurous spirit.  Kire left Aspen to model in New York with Ford Models, and later studied film and journalism at UCLA.  Today Kire has combined her love of adventure with her skills as a filmmaker to create original stories for worldwide audiences.

For the last 20 years Kire’s exploratory work has documented many rare and secret ceremonies of diverse traditional groups in Africa. To make her films, Kire lives intimately with a tribe recording for months at a time. Her gentle approach leads to exclusive access - and never before seen footage.

Passionate about wildlife - she’s dedicated to human-wildlife issues - consistently making beautiful, sensitive films - worldwide - that reveal hidden angles - tell intimate stories - and explore timely thought provoking themes.

She also creates original ‘urban Africa’ lifestyle TV series - and makes films on humanitarian & social issues. Kire runs Malaika Media Ltd & Original Godal Productions in Nairobi, where she lives with her family and dogs. 


Winner Best Environmental Documentary - "Skypaths" - Hollywood Women's Film Festival, 2019                                                                    

Nominated for Best Campaign Film, Panda Award - "Lion Guardians" - WildScreen Film Festival, 2014                                       

Winner Best Short Short - "The Elephant in the Room" - Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival, 2013                                                         

Nominated for a Roscar for Best Campaign Film - "There Will Always be Lions?" - WildTalk Film Festival, 2013                           

Merit Award Cultural Message - "There Will Always be Lions?"- International Wildlife Film Festival 2012                                           

Merit Award Conservation Ethics - "There Will Always be Lions?" - International Wildlife Film Festival 2012                                          

Finalist for Best in People & Nature Category - "Lion Warriors" - Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival, 2011                                                 

Finalist for Best in People & Nature Category - "Lion Warriors" - International Wildlife Film Festival, 2011                                                    

Honourable Mention for Creative Approach - "Kids on Safari!" - International Wildlife Film Festival, 2004                                          

Winner of Chairman's Choice Award - "High Hopes, Low Tides" - Zanzibar International Film Festival, 2002