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Over the years Kire has worked with many different traditional groups. She feels honored to come into people’s private lives - and in return she listens to what they need - and works with communities to help support their goals.  Kire is on the board of Friends of Africa International non-profit and is raising funds for various projects that grew from friendships made during her film projects.

  • Pokot “Cattle Rustlers” Preschool & Medical Clinics Ng’aina
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  • Scholarships for Girls in Remote Locations
    Out of a family of 6 or more children often only a few will be educated, and girls are often completely neglected. We have managed to educate girls from Pokot, Rendille and Salei Maasai who will grow up to be women leaders in their communities.
  • Scholarships & Fostering of Nomadic Orphans
    Nomadic life is hard, and parents often die early - sometimes from HIV/AIDS, leaving behind small children. These children are usually absorbed into the fabric of community life - but often only grandparents remain to care for them - and they grow up hungry and without any future prospects. Through grassroots initiatives and by working with elders and generous private contributions we are looking after many children from several nomadic groups providing: education, food, clothes and medical assistance.

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