Filmed / Directed / Written / Edited by Kire Godal
Sound & Music by Mike Moller

Kire and her sound man Mike, lived with the Pokot in 2007 to make this intimate, unusual and interesting film which has been translated into many languages and shown all over the world on National Geographic Channels, and also currently on Amazon Prime under a different name.

In the vast and arid Northern territories of Kenya live the Pokot people. Known and feared as fierce warriors and cattle rustlers they are in constant conflict with their tribal neighbours. The Pokot remain isolated from the outside world, and continue to follow their ancient traditions and secret ceremonies. Each year during the short rains, they hold sacred Sapana initiation ceremonies for their young men. A boy must have his ceremony if he wants to join the ranks of his elders and become a warrior.

Lomali is 22 years old, and has not had his ceremony yet. He is overdue, but his family cannot afford the great expense. A few years ago his father died, and the family herd of 85 cattle was rustled by neighbouring tribal enemies, leaving his family destitute. Luckily a family friend, Chief Joshua steps in and donates a camel and grain for brewing traditional beer needed for the ceremony. Lomali and his family rejoice as better days are on the way. Lomali\'s friend, 19 year old Shokon is also ready to have his Sapana ceremony. He faces none of the hardship of Lomaili, as his father is rich in cattle and has eight wives and 18 children. As a ranking elder in the community, Shokon\'s father decides to combine Shokon\'s Sapana with Lomali\'s, so that they can share the experience. The weeks pass, and Lomali and Shokon attend many local ceremonies and dances where they meet potential wives.

The day of the Sapana ceremony breaks with heavy rain, and both Lomali and Shokon must each sacrifice their own camel with a spear and have its intestines read and their future foretold by a soothsayer. Shokon\'s reading is trouble free, but Lomaili\'s future shows a possible death.

He is devastated and must kill a goat to help cleanse the bad news. The boys must then strip naked, and have their animal\'s stomach contents smeared over their bodies as their elders chant blessings in a 'men\'s only' sacred grove. They will spend several hours covered in green slime, as they are transformed by ritual prayer and rites into men.

This ancient ceremony has many surprising rituals, and moving song and dance. By the end, Lomali and Shokon are considered warriors, and are free to marry. The next hurdle for Lomali will be to find and afford a wife. (Two days after his Sapana ceremony, Lomali\'s prediction came true. He was bitten by a snake, and almost died.)




Skypaths - a 4 part documentary series - ( Presented here as 4 parts in a Doc Feature Format) directed & filmed by American Kire Godal, follows Swedish / Danish conservationist & writer Natasha Illum Berg as she retraces her pioneering conservationist and natural history filmmaker Swedish grandfather Bengt Berg's 4 most important wildlife film expeditions 100 years after him. From Sweden, to Ethiopia, Tanzania, India & Nepal - a lens into the past is opened and a parallel adventure story begins. 

Bengt Berg's beloved work from the early 1900's, his original archives, are seen for the first time in decades as we follow his expeditions through his films, writing and photographs, as Natasha lives out her expeditions today.

Bengt Berg took great risks for animals a century ago - today his granddaughter writes about and works tirelessly for conservation in Africa.

Each episode or part, takes an intimate look at 'man's place in nature', from a 100 years ago and today, from the common crane migration from Sweden to Ethiopia, shoebills and elephants in Tanzanian swamps, Indian rhinos along the border of Bhutan, and bearded vultures in the Himalayas – these thoughtful stories glance into where we find ourselves today on our planet – our beautiful globe…crisscrossed with the invisible lines of bird sky-paths.

Shot in 4K, this unique adventure travel - personal journey - historical wildlife and conservation series is one-of-a-kind.

Producers: Jake Seal, Erik Godal, Kire Godal, Natasha Illum Berg 
@skypaths the film series

Produced by Original Godal Productions 
Copyright 2018