Filmed / Directed / Written / Edited by Kire Godal
Sound & Music by Mike Moller

Kire and her sound man Mike, lived with the Goborre Rendille in 2007 to make this intimate and sensitive film which has been translated into many languages and shown all over the world on National Geographic Channels, and also currently on Amazon Prime: 

The Rendille people of Northern Kenya live between the Ndoto "dream" mountains and the Chalbi desert. They are a peace loving people, and are known by the Maasai as the 'staff bearers of God'. They maintain their ancient customs with little change, and live quietly as camel nomads.

The rains have finally arrived after a three year drought, and the Goborre Rendille are preparing for their moon cycle ceremonies. The desert is green and in full bloom, and there is a sudden rebirth and plenty for all. Due to the harsh after effects of the three year drought, there have been three deaths in the Goborre village recently. The deaths have left a profound affect on all the villagers as they come to terms with the cycle of life and death in the desert.

We meet Lajili as he prepares the funeral ceremonies for his mother who died a few days ago. His sister Ntarauu, and family members perform ancient and secret funeral rites over the next several days, as they honour their mother\'s memory. The elders explain the Rendille meaning of God and their belief in life after death.

The leader of the Gob (Rendille village), Lomugi, 55 years old, also lost his wife a year ago. He decides to remarry during the moon cycle ceremonies and has chosen a 16 year old bride - Sabdio. She is spending a month in his home and getting to know his teenage children to see whether she could be happily married to a much older man. Lomugi showers the frightened young bride with love and humour, and she agrees they will make a good couple. The marriage ceremony is arranged, and the dowry is settled. Lomugi prepares the traditional camel pack procession to accompany Sabdio to her parent's Gob for the elaborate wedding ceremony.

Meanwhile, Lomugi's brother also lost his wife during the drought, and has gone insane with grief. He lies outside his family's hut naked all day, and has given up on life. His eight children are left parent-less, but not completely destitute - as Lomugi and all the villagers step in to help them survive. The ancient moon cycle ceremony of Soriyo is underway as the young herders bless their camels with goat's blood. The village elders rejoice with dance and song, as the rains continue, grazing is plentiful, and for the moment, there is enough camel milk for all.




Skypaths - a 4 part documentary series - ( Presented here as 4 parts in a Doc Feature Format) directed & filmed by American Kire Godal, follows Swedish / Danish conservationist & writer Natasha Illum Berg as she retraces her pioneering conservationist and natural history filmmaker Swedish grandfather Bengt Berg's 4 most important wildlife film expeditions 100 years after him. From Sweden, to Ethiopia, Tanzania, India & Nepal - a lens into the past is opened and a parallel adventure story begins. 

Bengt Berg's beloved work from the early 1900's, his original archives, are seen for the first time in decades as we follow his expeditions through his films, writing and photographs, as Natasha lives out her expeditions today.

Bengt Berg took great risks for animals a century ago - today his granddaughter writes about and works tirelessly for conservation in Africa.

Each episode or part, takes an intimate look at 'man's place in nature', from a 100 years ago and today, from the common crane migration from Sweden to Ethiopia, shoebills and elephants in Tanzanian swamps, Indian rhinos along the border of Bhutan, and bearded vultures in the Himalayas – these thoughtful stories glance into where we find ourselves today on our planet – our beautiful globe…crisscrossed with the invisible lines of bird sky-paths.

Shot in 4K, this unique adventure travel - personal journey - historical wildlife and conservation series is one-of-a-kind.

Producers: Jake Seal, Erik Godal, Kire Godal, Natasha Illum Berg 
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Produced by Original Godal Productions 
Copyright 2018