SKYPATHS - 4 Part Documentary

SKYPATHS - 4 Part Documentary

Skypaths - a 4 part documentary series - ( Presented here as 4 parts in a Doc Feature Format) directed & filmed by American Kire Godal, follows Swedish / Danish conservationist & writer Natasha Illum Berg as she retraces her pioneering conservationist and natural history filmmaker Swedish grandfather Bengt Berg's 4 most important wildlife film expeditions 100 years after him. From Sweden, to Ethiopia, Tanzania, India & Nepal - a lens into the past is opened and a parallel adventure story begins. 

Bengt Berg's beloved work from the early 1900's, his original archives, are seen for the first time in decades as we follow his expeditions through his films, writing and photographs, as Natasha lives out her expeditions today.

Bengt Berg took great risks for animals a century ago - today his granddaughter writes about and works tirelessly for conservation in Africa.

Each episode or part, takes an intimate look at 'man's place in nature', from a 100 years ago and today, from the common crane migration from Sweden to Ethiopia, shoebills and elephants in Tanzanian swamps, Indian rhinos along the border of Bhutan, and bearded vultures in the Himalayas – these thoughtful stories glance into where we find ourselves today on our planet – our beautiful globe…crisscrossed with the invisible lines of bird sky-paths.

Shot in 4K, this unique adventure travel - personal journey - historical wildlife and conservation series is one-of-a-kind.

Producers: Jake Seal, Erik Godal, Kire Godal, Natasha Illum Berg 
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Produced by Original Godal Productions 
Copyright 2018